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ACGS India offers a complete range of geospatial solutions for detailed project reports such as geological applications, borehole study, ground engineering, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, rural, urban, and regional planning.

ACGS India is aware of the feasibility report that contains sufficient detailed information and that the approval is by the owner of the project (an individual or a project manager, or the management of the company) for the investment in the project or for a request to prepare the DRP.

The list of things or details mentioned about the product sizes with capacity or organization and the technical structure includes: 

  • A glance at the project 
  • Report of the market 
  • Plan layout including all technical details with the process involved
  • Plant and Machinery and other equipment needed for the project 
  • Organization 
  • Schedule of the project 

Other major components needed to cover: 

  • The financial structuring of the project 
  • Institution framework of the project 
  • Cost of the project
  • Definition, concept, and scope of the project