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ACGS India offers GIS-based solutions for the construction industry in helping them to solve problems, involving the creation and management of data, integration of information, visualization, E-commerce, and cost estimation to many architectural designs and construction management. It can provide stakeholders, construction engineers, and contractors with the required data during building construction. ACGS India also assists many industries in carrying out water, environmental, and township-related environment studies. In our service, GIS improves construction planning and design efficiency by integrating locational and thematic information in a single environment.  GIS’s capability to store a large database may be utilized to maintain construction data in digital form that provide a wide range of information to the construction industry with a mechanism for rapid retrieval. In every kind of construction business activity, transportation cost is involved, thus, internet-based GIS provides an ideal solution to manage costs of transportation and market analysis in such activities.

The services include:

  • GIS, integrated with project management and financial software, will help you track performance.
  • ACGS, with its GIS-based solution, helps organize all relevant project information, from survey data, soils, and geotechnical studies to planning, environmental studies, engineering drawings, and project maps. GIS makes this information to be easily available to project staff using a browser interface.
  • Our GIS-based solutions have the power to enhance operational efficiency and reduces time spent searching for needed information.